Here are some of the exciting highlights.

  • You keep your company and its identity, but you operate under their authority. Your company name is still on the side of your tractors!
  • Eliminate Liability and Cargo insurance premiums.
  • Major fuel discounts, .40-.90 cents off per gallon on average at all the major suppliers. We will compare our fuel savings to yours and will show you the savings.
  • Enjoy discounts provided by national tire purchase (Michelin Yokohama Goodyear) and maintenance programs.
  • Depending on the carrier that is the best fit for you, you may be able to liquidate your trailers, use theirs, and enjoy immediate cash in hand.
  • Eliminate factoring costs with weekly settlements. (No more waiting on slow paying customers or paying factoring percentages.)
  • You keep your current customers and have access to additional customers, lanes, bid boards, and additional financial opportunities.
  • Earn commissions on new business you bring to the table, regardless if you haul the freight.
  • Back office managed for you. Imagine, no more customer credit/background checks.
  • Use of world class dispatch systems, that you do not have to purchase.
  • ELD’s provided and installation assistance.

The advantages and resources at your disposal are numerous. It is all about leveraging and utilizing the name recognition, buying power, and financial security of a much larger fleet. Allowing you to keep your company and still conduct business as you see fit. As we all know it is getting harder and harder for smaller fleets to compete and survive. We do not believe smaller trucking companies have to disappear. Agency programs give you the size and scale to leverage down costs and tap into much larger freight pools so you can still own, manage, and control your legacy, and continue to keep America trucking. We know this because we take advantage of the agency model ourselves!

This is not a program we market to the entire industry; we are selective. It is a real relationship between the fleet owner and the carriers we work with. We have been at this for 15 years and mainly work with 3 of the greatest names recognized in the transportation industry.

We still believe in America’s small businesses and look forward to hearing from you.